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Kicks Morning Crew's Blog:

  • HMDAWT: 101 Year Old Runner Wins 100 Meter Dash

    From Hold My Drink And Watch This today, 101 Year-Old Wins 100-Meter Sprint: The World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand recently held a 1...

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  • Lee Brice Gets The Best Anniversary Gift

    Lee Brice is out on his American Made Tour with Justin Moore and he was away from his wife Sara & their boys on his anniversary. He shared this sweet video of the gift that his wife got him and it will hit you right in the feels.   Check it out!   ...

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  • HMDAWT: Man Runs In Burning Building To Save His Beer

    From Hold My Drink and Watch This today The South Dakota apartment building where Michael Casteel lives caught on fire over the weekend. But that didn’t stop the 56-year-old from racing into the flaming edifice to “save” two cans of Bud Ice Premium. After safely emerging with the double-fisted suds, Casteel was arrested for obstructing a firefighter. His rap sheet reveals w...

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  • WATCH: Hilary Scott Has Spotlight Stolen By Her Daughter On HSN

    Hilary Scott was on the Home Shopping Network talking about her new clothing line when she was joined on stage by her daughter Eisele and she stole the show!    Check out her singing just like Mom!   ...

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  • HMDAWT: A Xylophone In A Kitchen Leads To A Grease Fight

    From Hold My Drink And Watch This today, The Northwest Florida Daily News claims a Fort Walton Beach, Florida woman was recently arrested for d...

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  • Milwaukee Bucks Troll The Toronto Raptors During Player Introductions

    The Milwaukee Bucks trolled the Toronto Raptors last night by playing the Barney theme song while introducing their starting lineup!   ...

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  • HMDAWT: Firefighters Find Something Unexpected In A Fire

    From Hold My Drink And Watch This today, Philadelphia firefighters recently rescued an alligator from a burning building. The firefighters were extinguishing a blaze inside a barbershop when they entered an upstairs apartment and found a pet alligator in a fish tank full of green slime. The firefighters removed the gator before calling wildlife experts to handle it. ...

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  • HMDAWT:Beer Vendor Takes A Foul Ball Below The Belt

    From Hold My Drink and Watch This today, BrooBible says a New York Mets beer vendor is recovering from being hit in the groin with a foul ball. A Phillies batter rocketed a foul ball into the left field b...

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  • WATCH: Faith Hill Sings With A Little Girl Backstage

    Meet & Greets with your favorite stars are a really special thing but when that star is Faith Hill ...

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  • Awesome Dad Saves Day When Daughter Has An Accident

    This is a Hero Dad if we've ever seen one. After hearing that his little girl was a school crying because she had an "accident" he pulled a Billy Madison and made it look like he wet his pants too when he picked her up.   He told Fox13 News that he was heartbrok...

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