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Oliver Anthony To Record His First Album Outdoors

Oliver Anthony is planning on recording his first album outdoors.

The singer announced on Instagram Friday (October 27th), “Have been in the woods lately writing some songs and petting some dogs. Will be recording my first official album in January. Going to be recording outdoors, much like the RAdioWv session videos you’ve seen popping up on YouTube recently, but with a few other instruments added.”

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Luke Bryan's Son Taken To ER After Fishing Accident

Luke Bryan’s son, Tate, ended up in the emergency room after having a fishing accident. Lina Bryan shared a video of her son with a fishing lure stuck in his leg on Sunday (October 29th) with the caption, “Another fish hook ER visit…but he wanted Luke to know that still caught the fish.”

The country star added in the comments, “At least I caught the trout. Dats my boy.




Darius Rucker Recalls His Encounter With A Ghost

Darius Rucker once had a ghost encounter so scary he tried to hop into bed with one of his Hootie & the Blowfish bandmates.

He told Kelly Clarkson Monday (October 23rd) that it all happened when he moved in with bass player Dean Felber and started using furniture once owned by his grandmother.

Rucker said, “My grandmother had died. And I wake up one [night], three o'clock in the morning, and I look at the edge of my bed. My grandmother's sitting there. I sit up, and I wipe my eyes, and I go, 'wow,' and she's still sitting there."

The singer continued, "I get up and run out of my bed. I run to Dean's room, and I was like, 'Dean, my grandmother's ghost is in my room. Can I sleep in you bed?' He went, 'No!' I went on the couch."



Jelly Roll Approves Of Fans Dressing As Him For Halloween

If you’re thinking of dressing as Jelly Roll for Halloween this year, you just might earn a retweet from the singer.

Jelly reposted images of multiple impersonators over the past few days including one couple that dressed up both as the singer and his wife, Bunnie XO.

It started when Jelly gave his stamp of approval to a post of user @GriffinWade, who copied everything to perfection, even the country star’s facial tattoos.

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Jordan Davis Is Not A Fan Of Halloween Candy Corn

Jordan Davis is a fan of Halloween but some of the candy he can do without.  First the candy he does enjoy. 

“My favorite Halloween candy is probably Reese’s or M&M’s, although I love the variety of Starburst. It’s one that I feel like I only eat at Halloween, because I feel like at Halloween one of the popular ones is the two-piece Starburst things. So, probably Reese’s, M&Ms and throw in some Starbursts.”  


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Luke Bryan Closes Out Elk Season With A Hunting Trip In Colorado

Luke Bryan and his sons made the most of a recent hunting trip to Colorado.

The country star shared a series of photos to Instagram Thursday (October 12th) that show him hunting and fishing with his nephew, Til, and his sons Bo and.

He also displayed a shot of himself next to a massive kill with the caption, "Nothing like a trip out to Colorado with my boys to close out elk season."

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Maren Morris Files For Divorce From Ryan Hurd

Maren Morris has filed for divorce against her husband of five years, Ryan Hurd.

Taste of Country reports that paperwork was filed at the Davidson County Circuit Court in Nashville on October 2nd, citing irreconcilable difference as the reason for their split.

Court documents obtained by the outlet show that the couple signed a prenuptial agreement that was amended after they were married.  The "Chasing After You" singer is asking the court to enforce the original agreement, the amendment and requests that she be awarded her separate property. 

Additionally, Morris is seeking shared custody of their son, Hayes, born in 2020.

Morris has hired attorney Rose Palermo, who previously represented Wynonna Judd, Tracy Lawrence, and Vince Gill’s first wife in their divorces.