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The Top 20 Good News Stories of 2019

1.  A Kid Woke Up from a Coma After Getting a Big Whiff of Axe Body Spray.  It happened in England back in May.  He was in the coma for 13 weeks, and finally snapped out of it when his mom sprayed him with his favorite scent.




2.  A Runner Who Wrote "Jesus Saves" on His Race Bib Collapsed and Was Saved . . . by a Guy Named Jesus.  The guy was a registered nurse named Jesus Bueno.  (He pronounces it HAY-soos.)  He did CPR, and the runner survived.




3.  A Billionaire Paid Off the Student Loans for an Entire Graduating Class.  Robert F. Smith is the CEO of a private equity firm called Vista Equity Partners.  He announced it at Morehouse College's commencement in May.  The roughly 400 students went nuts.




4.  A Guy Trapped in the Snow Survived Five Days on Packets of Taco Bell 'Fire Sauce'.  It happened in Oregon back in February.  Then a few weeks later, their hot sauce also saved a life in Florida.  A car plowed into a Taco Bell right where a guy was sitting.  But luckily he'd just gotten up to get more hot sauce.




5.  A College Kid's 'I Need Beer Money' Sign on "College GameDay" Raised Over $1 Million for a Children's Hospital.  Busch Light was going to give him a lifetime supply of beer, until a reporter found racist tweets he'd posted at 16.  So they decided to cut ties.  But it was still a lot of money for a good cause.




6.  An Ambulance Hit a Pothole, and It Saved the Patient's Life.  His heart rate was dangerously high, until the pothole knocked it back into a normal rhythm.




7.  An 83-Year-Old Finally Got His Christmas Song on the Radio, 54 Years After he Wrote It.  A station in Houston had him on a few weeks ago, and then other stations started playing it.  It's called "Christmas Is Here" and it's pretty good.  (Huge props to our friends at The Roula & Ryan Show on KRBE for making it happen!)




8.  A Kid Got Bullied for His Homemade Tennessee Volunteers Shirt.  Then the School Used the Design and Started Selling Them.  A portion of the profits went to the charity, Stomp Out Bullying.




9.  A Cop Ran a Race in Full SWAT Gear . . . Saved Someone's Life . . . and Then Proposed to His Girlfriend at the Finish Line.  He'd been planning the proposal.  He had NOT been planning to do CPR before finishing the race.




10.  An Inmate Used His Car Theft Skills to Save a Baby from a Locked SUV.  He was out on work release fixing a median in the road.  Someone gave him a coat hanger, and he used it to break in while cops supervised.




11.  A Premature Baby Weighing Less Than 10 Ounces Went Home from the Hospital . . . Making Him the Smallest to Ever Survive.  His mom had an emergency C-section at 24 weeks.  Several months later, he was up to about seven pounds.




12.  A Mom Hit a Lottery Jackpot, Because She Forgot How Old Her Kid Was.  She always plays her kids ages, but forgot that one of them just had a birthday.  She ended up winning about $78,000.




13.  "Baby Shark" Helped a Toddler with Spina Bifida Learn to Walk.  A doctor in Florida has been using the song because it makes kids want to get up and move.




14.  A Woman Whose Real Name Is "Marijuana Pepsi" Got Her Doctorate.  She refused to let one of the world's worst names hold her back, and got her Ph.D in higher education leadership.




15.  A Guy in Philly Scaled the Side of a Building to Save His Mom from a Fire.  She's confined to a bed, and firefighters wouldn't let him inside.  So he climbed 15 floors to get to her.  It turned out she was fine, and the fire didn't make it to her unit.  But it still put him in the running for best son ever.  The cops could have arrested him, but didn't.




16.  A Nine-Year-Old Learned the Heimlich, Then Saved Her Best Friend the Next Day.  She took a class at her local rec center, then put the knowledge to good use the very next when her friend started choking on a hot dog at school.




17.  We Found Out Cigarette Smoking in the U.S. Hit an All-Time Low.  Only 13.7% of adults said they'd smoked one or more cigarettes in the past year.  That's down from 42% in 1965, and 26% in 1990.




18.  A Homeless Kid Got Accepted to 18 Different Colleges.  He picked The College of New Jersey to be close to his mom, and they gave him a scholarship.  A total stranger offered to cover his first year of room and board.  And people also donated on GoFundMe to help him out.



19.  A Guy with Dementia Fell in Love with His Wife Again and Asked Her to Marry Him.  She said yes.  They held the wedding in their backyard, and danced to the same song they danced to the first time they got married.




20.  A Comcast Service Rep Realized a Caller Was Having a Stroke and Saved His Life.  They were over 1,200 miles away, but heard him struggling to talk and called for help.  And because he got treated so quickly, he was out of the hospital in two days.

The Top 20 Stupid Criminals of 2019

1.  The Cops Caught a Suspect When His Loud Farts Gave Away His Hiding Spot.  It happened outside Kansas City in July.  The police didn't release a ton of other details.  But really, what else do you need to know?




2.  An Astronaut Was Accused of Committing the First Crime in Space.  NASA's Anne McClain was accused of illegally accessing her estranged wife's bank account from the International Space Station during a mission.  She denied it.  It's not clear what's happened with the case since then.




3.  The Teenager Who Licked a Tub of Ice Cream and Put It Back.  The video went viral and started a whole big thing back in July.  At least one copycat got arrested, and a few stores briefly started putting their ice cream behind lock and key.  It turns out felony food tampering can get you up to 20 YEARS in jail.




4.  A Groom Robbed a Bank the Day Before His Wedding to Pay for the Ring and Venue.  Cops charged 36-year-old Heath Bumpous with aggravated robbery, and the wedding was cancelled.



In other relationship troubles, a guy in Oklahoma stole a Pepsi truck to drive to the airport and catch his girlfriend before she left him.  But instead, he rear-ended an empty school bus and got arrested.




5.  Five Hitmen Got Busted After They All Kept Subcontracting the Hit.  A businessman in China hired a hitman to kill a guy who was suing him.  That hitman hired another hitman . . . who hired another hitman . . . who hired another hitman . . . who hired yet ANOTHER hitman.  All of them are now in jail.




6.  A Guy Robbed a Caricature Artist and Left His Drawing Behind.  This was a late add, because it just happened.  But it's so ridiculous, it had to make our top 10.  Cops released the drawing, and they're hoping someone can I.D. him from it.




7.  A Guy Took an Ax to His Family's Car, Because He Thought His Wife Damaged His Action Figures.  He also destroyed a TV and laptop.  When cops got there, the ax was still stuck in the windshield of his car.



In other FAMILY DRAMA crime this year . . .



. . . a 13-year-old boy stabbed his older brother in the arm before a family road trip because, quote, "I'd rather be in jail than [spend] eight hours in the car with him."



. . . and a guy in Ohio attacked his brother for not supporting his dream to audition for "America's Got Talent".




8.  A VHS Rental Store Turned out to Be a Front for a Gambling Ring.  Because there's nothing conspicuous about running a VHS RENTAL STORE in 2019.




9.  A Guy Went Viral for Buying a Ton of Girl Scout Cookies . . . Then Got Busted by the D.E.A. for Drug Trafficking.  He bought all the cookies two girls had, so they didn't have to stand out in the cold.  And for one day, he was a hero . . . until it turned out he was also a wanted criminal.




10.  A Woman Got Banned from Walmart for Riding a Motorized Cart While Drinking Wine Out of a Pringles Can.  So, just class through and through.  After that, someone on Etsy was selling Pringle can wine tumblers for a while.



And in other Walmart nonsense, a drunk woman in Pennsylvania walked into a Walmart in July . . . peed on the POTATOES . . . and left




11.  A Woman Gave a Waitress a $5,000 Tip with Her Boyfriend's Credit Card to Get Revenge After a Fight.  The meal cost $55.37, so that's about a 9,000% tip.  The boyfriend called the cops and had her arrested for credit card fraud.




12.  A Guy with an $8 Million Private Island Got Caught Stealing from Kmart.  He bought two coffeemakers, some light bulbs, and a bed skirt, then allegedly put other stuff in the boxes and tried to return it all.  He denied the charges and claimed someone else must have switched out the products.




13.  A Guy Who Flashed His Junk Said He Saw It in a Porno and Thought the Woman Would, Quote, "Respond to It Sexually".  He was incorrect.  She called the cops, and they arrested him for indecent exposure.



A few more NC-17 crimes from the past year . . .



. . . a guy in Florida got arrested at Target for getting it on with a stuffed Olaf doll from the movie "Frozen".



. . . a guy accused of shoplifting turned out to be innocent when the bulge in his pants was actually his 10-INCH JUNK.



. . . a guy at a Days Inn called 911 after he paid other guests $500 for an orgy, and they didn't show.



. . . a pervert in Arizona got busted because of a tattoo on his junk that said "Fun Size."



. . . a guy caught with fake pee for a drug test tried to blame it on his wife's fetish.



. . . two handcuffed suspects somehow managed to have sex in the back of a cop car.



. . . and a cop busted up a rowdy threesome, only to find out one of the participants was his WIFE.




14.  A Burglar Tried Using an Inversion Table During a Break-In . . . and Got Stuck.  If you're not familiar, that's an exercise machine where you strap yourself in upside-down and do sit-ups.  Unfortunately, he didn't have enough core strength.




15.  A Drunk Driver Tried to Cover the Smell of Booze on His Breath by Spraying Axe Body Spray in His Mouth.  He encountered three problems . . .



The cop saw him do it . . . there were empty beer cans all over his car . . . and Axe Body Spray DOESN'T hide the smell of alcohol on your breath.  In fact, it actually has alcohol in it.




16.  A Man Tried to Strangle a Driver Who Wouldn't Stop Singing Christmas Carols.  We don't condone what he did.  But it was early March, so we get it.




17.  A Guy Who Failed His Driving Test 27 Times Got Busted Hiring Someone to Take It for Him.  He got 14 months' probation for fraud, plus 200 hours of community service.  And he still doesn't have a license.




18.  A Guy Named Samuel L. Jackson Got a DUI and Unleashed a String of Profanities.  If he's trying to live up to his name, he's doing a heck of a job.



But that wasn't the only FAMOUS NAME crime this year . . .



. . . a guy named Henry Ford was wanted for stealing cars in Detroit.



. . . a guy named Kevin Bacon crashed into a cop car while watching "Saved by the Bell" on his phone.



. . . a guy named Luke Sky Walker got in trouble with the law AGAIN, and got another shout-out from Mark Hamill.



(And another guy named Luke with the middle name "Skywalker" recently got arrested for drugs in Texas.)



. . . a white guy in Tennessee named Tupac Shakur got caught with drugs and pulled a knife on a cop.



. . . and at one point in March two guys named Charlie Brown and Elvis Presley were both facing charges.




19.  A College Student Called in a Fake Bomb Threat to Keep His Parents from Visiting Him.  Proving that just because you're in college doesn't mean you're bright.




20.  A Guy Got Busted for Using a Stolen Credit Card After Signing the Name "Thief" on the Receipts.  He used it to buy a Metro PCS phone, then beer and cigarettes at a convenience store.  And he signed "thief" both times.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's Christmas Duet

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani appear so happy and in love together in their Christmas Duet, "You Make it Feel Like Christmas". Check out Blake's face when Gwen sits on Santa's lap at 2:45.